Sorties Blu-ray du 5 Mai 2009 aux Etats Unis

Voici la liste non exhaustive des nouveaux Blu-ray Disc américains de la semaine.

3 Mo’ Divas (Acorn Media)
Action Hero Collection (The Day After Tomorrow, I, Robot, Terminator) (Fox)
Amazing Journeys (Allegro)
The Amazon : River of the Sun (Allegro)
Best Of Europe : France (Questar)
Best Of Europe : Italy (Questar)
Best Of Europe : London And Beyond (Questar)
Black Sheep (Paramount)
CSI : Crime Scene Investigation – Season One (Paramount)
Dodgeball (Rated Version) (Fox)
Fargo (Fox)
Flowers & Gardens (Allegro)
Force 10 from Navarone (MGM)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (MGM)
The Grudge (2004) (Sony)
Jock Collection (Hoosiers, Rocky, Dodgeball) (Fox)
Licence to Kill (MGM)
Lost Worlds : Life In The Balance (Allegro)
Major League (Paramount)
The Man with the Golden Gun (MGM)
North America’s National Parks (Allegro)
Passengers (Sony)
Personal Effects (Universal)
Possession (2009) (Image)
Ran (Criterion Collection)
Return to Forever : Returns – Live at Montreux (Eagle Rock)
Scenic National Parks : Alaska & Hawaii (Questar)
Scenic National Parks : Great Train Rides (Questar)
Scenic National Parks : The Best Of The National Parks (Questar)
Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy : Uncensored! (Fox)
Star Trek : Motion Picture Trilogy (Paramount)
Star Trek : Original Motion Picture Collection (Paramount)
Taken (Fox)
The Terminator (Lenticular) (MGM)
Underworld Blu-ray 3-Pack (Sony)
Underworld : Rise of the Lycans (Sony)
War Hero Collection (Patton, Behind Enemy Lines, Rescue Dawn) (Fox)
Wayne’s World (Paramount)
Wayne’s World 2
Without a Paddle (Paramount)

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