Sorties Blu-ray du 7 Avril 2009 aux Etats Unis

Voici la liste non exhaustive des nouveaux Blu-ray Disc américains de la semaine.

Bed times stories, 5 avril
2010 : The Year We Make Contact (Warner)
Above the Law (Warner)
American History X (Warner)
The Beauty of Snakes (Genius)
Bricktown (Celebrity Distribution)
Collateral Damage (Warner)
The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) (Fox)
Doubt (Walt Disney)
Final Destination (Warner)
Fly Away Home (Sony)
Gettysburg : The Battle And The Address (Genius)
Iditarod (Discovery Channel)
John Q (Warner)
The Last Word (Image)
Mars : The Quest for Life (Genius)
No Country for Old Men (Collector’s Edition) (Walt Disney)
Not Easily Broken (Sony)
Point of No Return (Warner)
Roxanne (Sony)
Taking Lives (Warner)
The Tale of Despereaux (Universal)
Tango & Cash (Warner)
Vicente Fernandez: Primera Fila (Sony Music)
The Wedding Singer (Warner)
Winged Migration (Sony)
The World’s Biggest And Baddest Bugs (Genius)
Yes Man (Warner)

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